Introduction To The CU Wikispaces

About the CU Wikispace
Concordia University Wikispaces is a wiki service that provides Instructional Technology support, training, and technical assistance for faculty, staff and students at Concordia University-Portland.
Please Visit The Concordia University Technology Knowledge Base at:
This site is designed for self-help resources for technology related technical questions and computer issues.
What is a Wiki?
A Wiki is a collaborative tool that enables users to add, edit and update content including multiple forms of multimedia content.

Functional Uses for a Wiki
Wikis can be used for an expansive range of projects. You might create a wiki to:
  • host a course site.
  • create a knowledge base.
  • training and professional development.
  • post a group project for peer collaboration and editing.
  • enable an open forum for brainstorming and problem-solving.

Wiki Features
  • Easily create, link, and revise pages in your wiki.
  • Use familiar WYSIWYG tools that make it easy to add and edit text and images.
  • Integrate Web 2.0 features and services, including RSS feeds, Slideshows,Google Docs, and YouTube videos.
  • Add links to useful online resources to enhance your wiki and
  • Create discussion boards and online forums to promote group interaction.

If you need help with creating a wiki or editing content to a specific wiki, visit the Wikispaces Tutorials & Resources at: or email the Technology Service Center at or by phone directly at 503.493.6300.