The following best practices should be used when documenting and maintaining any materials hosted on Concordia's Wikispace server.

For basic use training and how to, please review wikispaces self-help guides located at the Wikispace Help Center.


The CSS stylesheet will dictate default fonts and size. If your account does have permission to change them, please don't do it without consultation.

It is fine to use other colors or fonts as needed to emphasize a point in the text of a specific article.


When attaching screenshots or images to a page, please ensure it is in PNG format.


Any files uploaded to a wiki page should also be exist at a location on the I drive as well.

Adding Members

Depending on your wiki's permissions settings, a membership may be required to view the page. In all cases, a membership will be required to edit pages. You cannot add members to your wiki. If you need to add a new member, please contact

Adjusting Site Settings

Do not adjust settings. If settings need to be adjust, please contact


  • Text should align on the left.
  • There should be 1 line break between the bottom of an image and text. Example below:

Sample text
2016-03-18 15_08_06-Wikispaces _ Portal v2.png

Sample text

Table of Contents

If more than 2 tiers of headings are used in a wiki page, a table of contents should be embedded


Headings should be used at the top of each page to name the articles. The main heading (page title) is always set to “Heading 1.” You can use the levels beneath it starting with Heading 2